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When to Use

Foam Roller/Tennis Ball

This technique can be used daily, before or after exercise as a warm up or cool down routine, part of your stretching routine or even incorporated as part of your exercises.

How to Foam Roll

General Instruction

This is a general guideline for healthy individuals to be done as directed by their therapist.

  • Begin by rolling a larger muscle group.
  • Find a tender spot, keep the roller on that spot until the discomfort diminishes by 50%. This can take some time and be uncomfortable.
  • Go back to rolling over the larger muscle group, where the "spot" may have been at. You will notice that it's no longer sensitive.
  • Move on to other regions of the body

Foam Rolling

Self-Massage Technique

Foam Rolling is a self-massage technique that allow individuals to get relief of tight muscles through myofascial release. This technique can help you obtain better results with massage if done as directed.

Foam Rolling: What is it, how does it work, when to use it?